Due to excessive pollution and life style changes problems of skin disease are on rise in the modern society. Pills, tablets, ointments and oral solutions seem to have no effect at all to counteract these skin problems.

People, because of their narrow views overlook and ignore the nature healing process provided by use of cow products such as cow dung and cow urine.

Ashtiishwarya mayi laksmi vasategomaye sada.
"Goddess Lakshmi with all eight opulence resides in cow dung." There will be no fear of modern day pollution, radiation and infection if one takes cow dung bath daily. It has transcendental property of curing skin diseases and reducing toxins of blood. It makes body effulgent.
In Ayurveda cow dung is described as germicidal, nourishing, gives brightness to body, destroyer of bad smell, absorber, virya vardhak (increase intelligence), Rasayukta (moisturizer, fatty) and supremely pure and holy.In purushottam sahastra nam in vol. 10, name of lord Krishna Himself is given as gaushthanganah gati priyah means lord Krishna happily performs pastimes in cow dung in cowshed.
In Srimad Bhagavatam 10.6.20, it is described that, after being breast fed by Putna, Lord Krishna was given a bath with cow urine. Goraj (dust raised by cows feet) and cow dung was applied over body of Lord Krishna by gopis.

Now a day's processed and quality cow dung cakes and bars are available in attractive packing which can help one to overcome any kind of skin allergy or skin disease. "Bath taken using cow dung is spiritual and purifying, by which all bodily and mental diseases are burnt." Rishis have suggested cow dung, clay and ash for bath. Besides being advantageous in dealing skin problems, dung soap also helps to keep hairs and texture of skin healthy.

Types:Cow Dung, Cow Dung Pure, Cow Dung Powder

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