About Us

Aryaman Gir Gaushala is managed by Aryaman Gir Gaushala Trust. The Aryaman Gir Gaushala Trust is formed by individuals who Love Gaumata (Cow) with n aim to take care and give shelter to Gir Cows.

Aryaman Gir Gaushala is located in Jasdan, Dist Rajkot, Gujarat, India. The institution has more than 170 Gir Cows. The main aim of our Gaushala is to provide proper care, shelter and maintenance of pure Indigenous Gir Cow. Aryaman Gaushala is aimed at conserving pure Gir Breed. We have 170 pure breed Gir Cows at our Gaushala. Gir Cows are known for their high milk yield, with almost 15-18 liters of milk per day. This milk process high nutritive value and almost 4.8 - 5.8 fat. Besides, cows at Gir Gaushala have very high Pedigreeding Bulls, Male and female calves with known pedigree.

Our staff is well trained to perform daily farm operations and husbandry practices to take care of Gir Cow.